On the eve of the holiday, we heartily congratulate you on the great Victory Day!

May 9, 1945 in the memory of the public is a symbol of courage, steadfastness and stability of our people...

the 4th June - Symbols Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

June 4, 1992 were approved new state symbols of Kazakhstan. So this day in the history of the country as birthday of new State symbols memory.
State symbols – the symbolic signs that represent the independence of the state. State symbols- the flagEmblem and Anthem.
"On State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was adopted on 4 June 2007, the constitutional Law. In accordance with this Law on June 4 annually celebrated as the day of State symbols of V.
Special symbols, as a symbol of state independence adrlen them high status. Therefore, the basis of the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan debt.

The state Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Emblem authors are known architects Zhandarbek Malibekov and shot-Aman Valikhanov. Symbolic emblem is Shanyrak. It is the heart of the emblem.
Shanyrak - seedlings of state-based image of the family. Shanyrak - a round Day. Shanyrak the cupola of the Yurt of nomadic Turks of the house, hearth, family, image.
Tulpar is a steppe of information, men of microcredit, name, breathe faster insight, masterful will to win, persistent Kairat, as the closest to this perfection the element of freedom driveway.
Winged Tulpar is video common in the Kazakh poetry. This flight of dreams, imagination and creativity, the personification of the winged amazing database requirements, precious state and the people htarget that in the fight against the enemies. Cruise combines time and space.
It's a way of life, joy and happiness. Under a single Shanyrak in peace and harmony living of the people of Kazakhstan, prosperity, spiritual wealth and diversity of the facets of the image of the subject. As the crown of the emblem is five-pointed star. Each person has his own guiding star.


The national Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The national Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the main symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The author of the flag is the honored artist of Kazakhstan shaken Niyazbekov.
The state flag is a blue cloth of rectangular shape. It rules in the centre, depicted a soaring eagle in the sun. Flagstaff national ornament in the form of vertical stripes. Its rays, eagle and ornament - color gold. The ratio of the flag's width to length. Blue color of the sky in a ceiling position and is therefore not a single outdoor high cmbes will remain in the history of the people of Kazakhstan, Birlik, Yntymak evidence of loyalty to the line.
The sky is always blue the peoples of the world, happiness, peace and unity.
Heraldry (gerbino) language — blue color and its shades of honesty, loyalty, hope, and moral qualities. In the ancient language is "blue" means " the word of heaven. Blue color is traditional for the Turkic peoples.
Gold symbolizes peace and wealth Malinen light of the day. Movement, development, prosperity and a sign of life. The day - time, in the spirit. Classes interest groups birds eagle - like endeavor, has everything you need, though the image of argamaks in the state.
In the vast expanse, and perhaps most importantly-the spirit of freedom, soaring eagle of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh people-to show the breadth of the world.


Aityn kun aspany,
Аltyn dan dalasy,
Erliktin dastany,
Еlime karashy!
Еzhelden er degen,
Dankymyz shykty goi.
Namysyn bermegen,
Kazagym mykty goi!


Мenin elim, menin elim,
Gulin bolyp egilemin,
Zhyryn bolyp togileminm elim!
Тugan zherim menin – Kazakstanym!

Urpakka zhol ashkan,
Кen baitak zherim bar.
Birligi zharaskan,
Tauelsiz elim bar.
Karsy algan uakytty,
Mangilik dosyndai,
Bizdin el bakytty,
Bizdin el osyndai!


Мenin elim, menin elim,
Gulin bolyp egilemin,
Zhyryn bolyp togileminm elim!
Тugan zherim menin – Kazakstanym!

The national Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Every citizen must know by heart the words of the anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Earlier the song "Menin Kazakhstanym", on the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev as the national anthem of Kazakhstan was approved by the Parliament on 6 January 2006. It is made for the first time after the ceremony of inauguration of the head of state in 2006 January 11.
Music written by Shamshi Kaldayakov, the author of music – Zhumeken Nazhimedenov and Nursultan Nazarbayev.