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Coordination Council

List of Coordinating Council of the «RSI«SNNP Buiratau» created to ensure transparency in decision-making on tourism development and recreation in the park.

Chairman of the Coordinating Council:

Khasenov J.K. - General Director of «RSI «SNNP Buiratau»
Secretary of the Coordinating Council:

Alimbaev K.T. - specialist in environmental education and tourism

Members of the Coordination Council:

Mizembaev E.T. - Deputy General Director for Science;

Rakhmatulin T.S. - Deputy General Director;

Kudelich V.N. - lawyer;
Khavdalmurat K. - head of the DPRNCNM;

Ibraeva J.T. - and about. Head of the Department of Environmental Education and Tourism;
Berezhnoy V.V. - deputy of the Osakarovsky district maslikhat;
Zharylgasin B. B.-head of the Department of forest and SPNA of Karaganda regional territorial inspection F and W.

Syzdykova B. K. - Director of the branch in Osakarovsky district of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Karaganda region;

Musurova A.D.-expert of the Department of project support and economic analysis of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Akmola region;

Berman E. – chief specialist of the department of inspection of  F and W of the city of Nur-Sultan;

Titova M.A. - head of the Department of Strategic Planning, Analysis and Monitoring, SI of the Tourism Administration of Akmola region.