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Flora Buratowski SSPE

            On the territory of the national Park specialists of the faculty of biology KarSU. E. A. Buketova together with the specialists of the Department of science of the national park "Buiratau" conducted research on two topics: "Assessment of the state and structure of populations of endemic plants of flora of Buiratau SNPP" and "Assessment of species composition and current state of populations of medicinal plant species of SNPP "buiratau".

            Studies are carried out to assess the current state of populations of endemic and medicinal plant species "SNPP "Buiratau", a description of the floral composition and monitoring observations on the program "Chronicle of nature".

            The overall composition of endemic plants of 7 species from 4 genera and 3 families (birch Kirghiz, the Kirghiz serpouhi, thyme and shaved, the bald lisolement birch Kirghiz, serpouhi dissected, Malachi small).

            The results of the study of the species composition of the flora of vascular plants showed that in the territory of "SNPP "Buiratau", a branch of "Belodymovsky" grows 265 species of medicinal plants belonging to 165 genus and 55 families.

            According to the results of field studies for 2012-2018, today there are 504 species of vascular plants belonging to 277 genera and 73 families. The types are part of the following departments: Section Horsetail – 4 types; Section Fern - 5 types; the Section of Gymnosperms - 3 species; angiosperms division - 492 species.


The taxonomic composition of the flora of the SNNP "Buiratau»



The number of types of p.

















          A list of endangered species of the Park is represented in the following form: adhesive, alder, birch Kirghiz, Volzhskiy Adonis, Adonis fluffy, lumbago disclosed, Tulip drooping, crow's eye ordinary and feather grass (8 species).


         The goals and objectives of future research in the near future are:

• To assess the current state of populations of endemic plants "SNPP "Buiratau".

• Identification and mapping of populations with the participation of endemic plant species.

• A description of the floristic composition.

• Determination of ontogenesis of endemic plant species in places of natural growth, etc.

        The overall species composition of endemics is small, 1.4% of the total number of species, 2.2% of the total number of births and 6.8 % of the families.

        On the endemic plants the analysis of populations of birch Kirghiz, the Kirghiz serpouhi, serpouhi dissected, lasselanta bald, shaven thyme, trinia rough and small-fruited milkweed. In particular, the community with their participation, determined the species composition of populations, the layering, the total projective cover of grass and of certain types, the vitality, the degree of participation in the community (dominant, of codominant, component), the ratio of age groups.

         Below is a description of the status of species on the territory of " SNPP Buiratau»: 1) Betula kirghisorum Sav.-Rycz - Kyrgyz birch. The tree is a mesophyte. Flowering in early – mid-April, fruiting from July to August. Habitat: grows in kolkovich deciduous forests, along streams. Significant thickets were noted in the tract Kara-Agash.

         The species grows as part of the birch-aspen-motley grass community, is a dominant with an abundance of sor1 and vitality of 5 points. Propagated mainly by seed. Plant height reaches 20-25 m. the State of the species is satisfactory.

         2) Phalacrachema calva (Lebed.) lljin - bald-headed. Perennial. Mesoxerophyte. Blooms and fruits abundantly in June and August.     Habitat: rocky and gravelly scree, occasionally along the roads.

         Within the Park the species has been recorded in the vicinity of the branch "Ereymentau" on stony places and along the steppe road branch "Belodymovskiy". Propagated mainly vegetatively by rhizomes.

         It is found in the composition of herbaceous communities. Lisolement is part of a community with an abundance of sp and vitality 4-5 points. The General condition of the species is satisfactory, the predominance of young individuals is noted, which indicates the expansion of populations.

         3) Thymus rasitatus Klok. - thyme is shaved. Half-shrub. Xerophyte, petrophyte. Habitat: grows on rocky slopes and cracks of rocks. Perennial. 

         In the Park, the view is marked in the vicinity of the branch "ereymentau" on the Falcon mountains. Lives in the composition of thyme-herb-petrophytic communities, where it is the dominant, less codominant with an abundance сор1 and vitality of 3-4 points.

         The view blooms profusely from June to August, bears fruit from late June to mid-September. Propagated by seed. Height in nature to 12-15 see As thyme shaven – satisfactory.

          4) Trinia muricata Godet. Blooms in late may – early June, bears fruit from July to August. Habitat: grows in the steppe, on stony meadow slopes, in thickets of bushes.

         Within the Park the species has been recorded in the vicinity of the branch "Belodymovskiy". The species reproduces by seed. It occurs as part of herbaceous communities with an abundance of sol and vitality of 3-4 points. The state of the species is not fully assessed and requires further research.

         5) Serratula dissecta Ledeb. - sickle dissected. Mesoxerophyte, herbaceous perennial. Blooms from mid-April to mid-may, bears fruit in June. Habitat: steppe and shrub communities.

         Within the Park the species has been recorded in the vicinity of lakes Aibi and Bazigar branch "Belodymovskiy".

         The dissected sickle occurs as a part of sickle-cereal-motley grass communities, as a dominant or component with an abundance of cop-sp and vitality of 4-5 points. Propagated by vegetative and seed. The state of the Park is good.

         6) Serratula kirghisorum Iljin - Kyrgyz sickle. Herbaceous perennial plant, xeromesophyte. Lives in steppe meadows, on hillsides, in depressions Mezhsopochniy. The species has been recorded in the SNNP on the slopes of the hills branch Belodymovskiy.

         Kind of abundantly flowering in may, fruiting in June. In nature reaches a height of 20 cm, the population status of good.

         It lives in the composition of herb-grass-shrub communities, being a component with an abundance of sol-sp and vitality of 4 points.

         7) Eurhorbia microcarpa Prokh. - Euphorbia small. Perennial. Xerophyte. Blooms in June-July, bears fruit in August. Habitat: dry Meadows, river valleys.

         Within the park the species has been recorded in the vicinity of the branch "Belodymovskiy".

         The species forms small areas of herb-Euphorbiaceae thickets, stands as codominant with an abundance of sp and vitality 4-5 points. Propagated by seed and vegetative. The condition is satisfactory.

         Thus, the species composition of endemic and medicinal plant species and their General state in nature are determined and will be determined in the future on the territory of "Buiratau".