Protection and reproduction

The Department for the Protection of the Reproduction of Natural Complexes and Nature Management is organizing the work on measures to prevent forest fires, timely detecting and eliminating them. Carries out work on protection of forests from illegal felling and other violations of forest legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It compiles a protocol on administrative violations 

in the field of forest legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the protection, reproduction and use of wildlife and specially protected natur al areas. It plans material a nd technical supply of the forest guards with uniform outfits, vehicles, stamps, breastplates, service certificates and weapons. Conducting and improving the skills of state forest guards, temporary firefighters and fire brigade personnel. Provides preparation of contracts with other organizations to attract their forces and resources to eliminate major forest fires. Keeps records and established reports on forest protection and protection.

Participates in the preparation of the production and financial plan and operational-calendar plans for the reproduction of forests and afforestation, biotechnical measures, technical acceptance, inventory and inspection of forest cultures. It maintains books on the account of forest cultures, forest nurseries, forest seeds, as well as accounting and established reporting on forest cultures. Develops measures to improve the efficiency of forestry production, improve the organization of labor of workers in the production of forest crops and ensure their implementation. Carries out planning, distribution and preparation of logging areas for felling, control over compliance with rules of felling and harvesting of trees at the root, cleaning of felling places, fire safety in forests, and rational use of forest resources when providing them to individuals and legal entiti

es for long-term forest management. It checks the quality of allotment of logging sites and maintenance of technical documentation for forest use in forest areas. Defines and clarifies the boundaries of foci of pests and forest diseases, the sanitary and forest pathological state of plantings. Identifies the species composition of pests and forest diseases, their abundance and distribution. It monitors the harvesting, processing and storage of forest seeds, the timeliness of carrying out and observing the technology of silvicultural and tree nurseries, as well as observance of the rules on labor protection and safety in the organization and execution of these works.