Name of protected area:

SNNP «Buiratau»

The name of the route:


Classification of route:

  • by appointment: tourist, scientific – cognitive and educational
  • by type of movement: combined (walking, driving)
  • duration: seasonal

Form of organization:

Group and individual.

The name of the main geographical areas:

Belodymovka (4th division) – lake Aibi – lake Bazigar – spring «Karagas» – Igisi (Solovyov beam)- a neighborhood mountain range Akdim – border «Belodymovka cottage».


32 km in both directions, the duration including stops 6h.30min

The duration of the route:

From may to September.

The maximum number of people in group:

10-12 people (psychological comfort, disturbance, catering).

Permissible recreational loads on the various periods inside tour of the season:

The limitation season tour inside during the fire-dangerous period.

The possibility of passing the route without a guide:   

Not allowed.

Marking of the route:

Along the route there are signposts of direction at the start point of the tourist route includes a pointer to the name of the route, its length, rules for visiting protected natural area. The pointer marked map of the route.

Requirements for clothing:

With the passage of the route you need to wear comfortable clothing, flat-soled shoes.

Special rules of conduct on the path:

To keep up with the group, not to go the route.

Security measures:

  • safety in all cases, the route, conducting safety briefing before going on the route, following the instructions of the guide;
  • provision of appropriate equipment tourists, including personal protective equipment; - timely informing tourists about the real and prognoziruemym conditions on the route;
  • a special observance of measures of fire safety.

Brief description of the route:

The Route passes through the territory of the branch «Belodymovskiy». Tourist route begins with 4 offices Belodymovka lake Aibi on a country road in a North-westerly direction among relict Chernovolenko in combination with birch groves.

Relict black alder listed in the Red book of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is subject to special protection of the national Park «Buiratau».

Lake Aibi and Bazigar are the largest lakes in the national Park «buiratau». The shore is sandy and rocky, overgrown with reeds. Lake Aibi. The length of the coastline – 3,38 km, maximum width – 0,64 km, the maximum length of 1.16 km, the maximum depth is 3.2 m, average depth – 2.1 m. there are two species of fish: silver carp, vendace. Then the group moves to the lake «Bazigar».

Lake Bazigar. The length of the coastline and 2.91 km, maximum width of 0.6 km and a maximum length of 1 km, a maximum depth of 2.8 m, average depth – 1.8 m. there are two species of fish: silver carp, vendace. The lakes are situated in closed shallow basins intermontane plains and have a low shore. Their food is due to the meltwater and natural keys. Here we will stop for photography on the background of the lake and waterfowl. Amateur fishermen have the opportunity to fish the bait.

After seeing the sights of the lake «Bazigar» group goes to the spring «Kara - Agash». 

The meeting with the spring is always pleasant, and in the hot summer day is doubly. Crystal clear, cold water is the best treat of mountains. For tourists organized a long parking here. In the parking lot there is a yurt, Kazakh folk swing "Alty Bakan" and a gazebo for a comfortable rest in nature, breathing clean air. The parking lot provides for catering    Then the route goes to the nightingale beam Aigaisai. The living ground cover is represented by strawberries, various medicinal plants.

The route on this does not cease to please the eyes of the tourist. Ahead of the mountain range "Akdym", which is the habitat of the mountain sheep - algari. This beautiful animal is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan and is a special object of protection of the national park.

Akdym is the highest peak of the mountain massif - 901 m above sea level. Even in clear weather clouds swirl over it. This mountain is the mistress. Steep screes covered with juniper. In the crevices found shelter birches, spiraea, dog rose, cotoneaster, which are the main food of the argali in the winter.

Further tourists inspect the cordon "Belodymovskaya dacha". . Here you can relax, gain strength and further explore the aviary for breeding the noble deer. When passing this route, tourists can see roe deer, maral, marmots, gray cranes, black grouses and many other different small inhabitants of this area. Then the group is sent along the same route to the 4 department

Brief description of the inspection and observation (review) sites:

Sightseeing objects on the route are: lake Aibi and Bazigar the large reservoirs in the national Park. Inhabited by such birds as whooper Swan, common crane, also you can see wild ducks, geese and other birds.

Spring «Kara - AAS», the water of the spring betrays the strength of a view on the environment, quicken not alive to alive. Mountain «Akdam» which is the highest point above sea level 901м, who is also the habitat of the mountain sheep – argali.

Brief description of the difficult parts of the route:

Difficult areas on the route there.

Possible natural phenomena and actions of the group as they occur:

In preparation for the tour should use the data from the weather service, due to the forecast of storm wind and thunder hike you want to cancel. For protection from rain is desirable to have the capes, it is recommended to take refuge under the forest canopy, during a storm, on the contrary, not to stand under trees and stay on the hill.